IYL 2015 Blog Highlights I

Around October 2014 when I started taking care of the IYL 2015 blog, I was really excited to take this task. I wanted that the blog became a platform where members of different communities were able to share their different perspectives, both with each other but also with the wider public.

To this day, we have published 312 posts in 2015, covering major topics and themes of IYL 2015. During the year, the blog has received over 130,000 visitors from 204 countries, amounting to around 215,000 views . Soon, we will talk a bit more about statistics and the experience of managing an international volunteer initiative such as this blog.

I would like to thank all the contributors that have generously taken their time to provide a written record of their own involvement with light science and technology, or their particular involvement with the International Year of Light.

The blog will still be open until the IYL 2015 Closing Ceremony on 4-6 February 2016. Stay tuned for more surprises during January.

The first one is the first part of a list of posts I would like to highlight from 2015. You can find the list below.

  • January

The beginnings of the International Year of Light! by John Dudley

Seeing the Light by Martin Aufmuth

Light and vision: between an object and a subject by Alessandro Farini

New Light though and old hole by Justin Quinell

Changing how we Recruit Photonics Technicians and Engineers by Carolyn Hulla-Meyer

Light in Architecture by Victor Palacio

Searching for Schrödinger’s cat – How to turn photon quantum entanglement into a choreography by Margherita Cappelletto and Chiara Vitelli

Astronomers travel in time and space with light by John Mather

  • February

Light on our origins by Claudio Tuniz

Shining a light on chemical reactions by Rebecca Ingle

Message in the Bottle by Vaqas Butt

Seeing is believing: Using the power of 10 billion suns to light up our world by Sarah Bucknall

Optics in Ancient China by Ling-An Wu, Gui-Lu Long, Qihuang Gong and Guangcan Guo

Optical Communications: Lighting our Way to Development by Kumar N. Sivarajan

  • March

Searching for that light of life by Mayte Vasquez

What would Charlie do? by Sona Hosseini

Pressing FIRE on the most powerful laser in the world, bringing research to reality by Ceri Brenner

Light speed computing by Ben Skuse

Light and Astrophysics by Ángel R. López-Sánchez

James Clerk Maxwell: Man of Light by Basil Mahon

Solar Eclipse Observations proved that Einstein was right by Stefania Pandolfi

Earth Hour: A story of how the light switch sparked a global movement for change by Sudhanshu Sarronwala

Changing lives with light – Helping children with disfiguring birthmarks by Thanh-Nga Trinh Tran

  • April

Tracing History of the Light Art Discipline by Maja Petrić

The Evolution of OLED Technology for Lighting by Michael G. Helander

Light in the cloud: Photonic innovation for data centers by Claire Doggart and Dan-Xia Xu

Ancient Lights by Javier Mejuto, Ricardo Pastrana and David Espinoza

Hubble Telescope 25th Anniversary by Jennifer Wiseman

Night is Canvas by Steven Erra

Fresnel – A life full of achievements by Peter Phillipson

  • May

Swiss inspired Student Posters shine a new light on the IYL 2015 by Gabriel Solomons

Ibn Al Haytham Series by Azzedine Boudrioua: Introduction and Optics before Ibn Al Haytham, Life and Achievements, Kitab al Manazir and Impact of Ibn al Haytham’s Optics

Lighting the Future Takes More Than Just Bright Ideas by Yan Zheng

Discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Series by Claudia Mignone: Discovering the most ancient cosmic light and Fifty years of cosmic microwave background

An electronic oratorio for James Clerk Maxwell by Paul Joseph (PJ) Moore

An Interview below the Stars by Felipe Carrelli

55th anniversary of the laser’s invention by Augusto Beléndez

Six reasons why Photonics and Optics are important for the future! by Abhijeet Phatak

  • June

The French Captain’s Discovery – Polarized Light by Bruce Watson

Photonics in Geosciences by Walter Schmidt

Light brings hope: opportunity for development by Kat Harrison

Light: Beyond the Bulb | Exhibiting Light Around the World by Kimberly K. Arcand

Light knocks Physics for a leap — The Photo-electric Effect by Bruce Watson

Our Cosmic Light by Lina Canas

The economic impact of light-based technologies by Mat Wasley

Li-Fi – an enabling technology that can transform our lives by Harald Haas

jorge_riveroJorge Rivero González (@jorgegrivero) was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. He is a science communicator working at the European Physical Society (EPS) as the EPS IYL 2015 Outreach Officer. He is also IYL 2015 Press Officer and editor of the IYL 2015 blog. Before that he spent four years living in Munich while he was doing his PhD in Astrophysics at the University Observatory Munich. Since 2009 he is a member of the science outreach programme GalileoMobile.

One thought on “IYL 2015 Blog Highlights I

  1. I appreciate the wonderful task of managing very beautifully the International Year of Light 2015 blog by Jorge Gonzalez, covering a variety of themes related to light, contributed by authors from different parts of the world. It presents a useful source of information for students, teachers and researchers and also to general public. In particular, it is highly commendable that Jorge has brought out this 1st part of the summary of the important blogs on this date when we are going to enter the new year 2016 very shortly.

    I wish Jorge and all authors of the Light 2015 Blog a Happy New Year 2016.

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