IYL 2015 Blog Highlights II

Happy 2016! Find below the second part of the list of posts I would like to highlight from 2015


The Northern Lights – A Magic Light Display by Pål Brekke

LightAide: Inspired Design Opens Minds by Catherine Rose

Magic Optics by Aditi Jain

Other Anniversaries celebrated during the International Year of Light 2015 by Augusto Beléndez

Solar Lights Driving Clean Tech Enterprise in Rural Kenya by Linda Wamune

How Do Astronomers Use Light to Probe Dark Matter? by Ramin Skibba

IYL 2015: an opportunity for Africa by Yanne K. Chembo

The Universe in X-ray Light by Fiona Harrison


Graphene: Miracle Material by Abel Gil Villalba

What is it About Lighthouses? by Jeremy D’Entremont

In a Blaze of Brilliance — How Light’s Speed was Finally Clocked by Bruce Watson

The Increased Necessity for Natural Light in Urban Architecture by Zoe Williamson

Active Learning in Optics and Photonics by Joseph Niemela

Crystalline Supermirrors: from concept to reality by Garrett Cole

Photonics21 – A European Success Story by Katharina Flaig-Rüttgers

Astronomical molecules revealed by infrared light by Eduardo Penteado

Radiology: Combining Quantum Theory, Medicine, and Artistic Vision by Mark Hom

Sustaining human development in a changing climate – some words on Brazil by Meghie Rodrigues


Astronomy for Development by Ramasamy Venugopal

The dream of illuminating by Kari Kola

Counting Tiny Silkworm Eggs with Light by Kantip Kiratiratanapruk, Ithipan Methasate and Wasin Sinthupinyo

Astrophotonics: how photonics helps discovering the Universe by Stefano Minardi

Innovation Moving At the Speed of Light by Which LED light

Teleporting light by Félix Bussières

SkyLight Opera – a global project linking arts and science through education by Jonathan Harris

Citizens measure air pollution with their smartphone by Elise Hendriks

Engage, excite, educate students with European outreach programmes during IYL 2015 by Nathalie Debaes and Tine de Pauw

How the visual perception of artworks changes with light by Elisabetta Baldanzi and Alessandro Farini

Why bother with outreach? by Nathalie Vermeulen

Lights for Learning by Paulo Speller

The illuminating nature of light by Laura Howes


The future of science in the hands of young girls by Sandra Benítez-Herrera

How Do We Know What We Don’t Know About Asteroids? by Amy Mainzer

Hunting up the Ghosts of Elements by Michelle M. Francl

Celebrating Cosmic Light around the world by Lina Canas

Particle Vs. Wave – Light’s Timeless Question by Bruce watson

Hunting the Higgs boson… with light! by Javier Santaolalla

Solar Eye – Lights, Camera, and Ritual by David Marin

More than just optics – how photonics technology is being used to transform everyday products by Peter Doyle

Discover the Power of Light – Three European Projects Bring Photonics Closer to Society by Jorge Rivero González

Helping Others Find Light by Dalma Novak

Smart lighting research: Supporting evidence-based design for high-quality lighting by Jennifer Veitch


Night of Heritage Light by Liz Peck

How to make a supernova by Jena Meinecke

How we celebrated IYL 2015 by Kimberly Arcand and Megan Watzke

“Highlights of Physics” event in Germany is a huge success by Gerhard Samulat

A Year of Light: 365 Observations by Michaela French

Museum and Exhibition Lighting by Victor Palacios

Catching the light (but not too much) by Gina Gunaratnam

Einstein 1905: From “Energy quanta” to “Light quanta” by Augusto Beléndez

Relativity – Einstein and Light Disturb the Universe by Bruce Watson

As the International Year of Light comes to a close, are we finally seeing a path to achieving Power for All? by Susie Wheeldon


Laser pulses could allow more accurate tumor detection in the near future by Dario Polli

December, 2nd: A day to celebrate Astronomy and the history of a nation by Patrícia Figueiró Spinelli

Radiation and gold nanoparticles working together for the image-guided radiotherapy by Gloria Jiménez Sanchez

Lights and Shadows in the History of Photography by Maria da Luz Correia

Your sky, your observations, your data by Christopher Kyba

Turning up the Light in Africa by Sekazi K. Mtingwa

Light, Science and Life – IYL 2015 Activities in Brazil by Ildeu Moreira

Inviting light to dance through microstructured surfaces by Bernard Kress


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