LPWA builds a Giant IYL 2015 logo on the North Sea

In Dorum-Neufeld, Germany, members of Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) gathered to re-create the International Year of Light logo with light itself and long-exposure camera shooting. Last year LPWA already yet shot IYL 2015 logo as part of the 1st International Light Art Congress and 3rd worldwide light painting exhibition in Oviedo, Spain. This time light painters used the North Sea as perfect background for another giant IYL 2015 logo. The Camera was installed on the Oberveresand Lighthouse.


The Light Painting World Alliance held a very special meeting and last dedicated event to celebrate International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015) by UNESCO. We asked everyone who was interested to join us, and we gather 35 artists in just two weeks. While discussion on this dedicated group, we clarify some nice ideas for massive art collaboration, taking in mind that some cool ideas could be realized only by common efforts. First, our location supervisor Jörg Miedza find this marvelous place – Oberveresand lighthouse. Jörg had negotiations with lighthouse owner, explained our goals and required settings for proper work. Fortunately, lighthouse administration liked our idea and they gave us unlimited possibilities for the activity – all lights on bridge and inside lighthouse itself were switched off. Second, we were lucky with weather and complete low tide of North Sea. Also, we used 3D modeling software (to reconstruct the camera positioning) and took a few test shooting some days before (to clarify details for special 5 meters long light tool, which can do in separated steps a 20m IYL 2015 logo). And finally, 25 participants from 5 countries came to set up the installation!

Last year LPWA already yet shot IYL 2015 logo as part of the 1st International Light Art Congress and 3rd worldwide light painting exhibition in Oviedo, Spain.  This time, we decided to use Nord Sea bottom as perfect background with ultimate reflections, also we planned to make new logo 3-Dimensional, because of nice point of view from lighthouse top desk (about 26 meters over water).

We follow these steps: 1) we fixed a point in the middle, 2) we built a 10m dome with a pole while fixing a light at the end, 3) outside the dome, another 5 meters around the dome, we painted at first the sun-rays (each of them 5m long), 4) at the end the colors between the sun-rays like the flags on IYL 2015 logo. Sure thing, some colors don’t match perfectly, perhaps it was by different angles of some “flags”, aligned to camera. Our resulting image took 1,300 seconds exposure!


We have to thank to all participants, making this event possible:

Creative idea and organization: Sergey Churkin & Jörg Miedza

Artists: Dirk Schütze, Eike Henning, Frank Upmeier, Gunnar Heilmann, Holger Kneifel, Jannes Bauer, Jenja Ospanov, Jenny Kretschmer, Jörg Miedza, Jörg Schmidt, Leonie Hoppe, Liela-Paulin Krause, Marc Krug, Norbert Götz, Olaf Schieche, Oliver Schnepper, Ralf-Martin Tauer, Timo Kretschmer, Werner Heisenberg (all Germany); David Brams and Jan Teunis from Belgium; Maarten Takens (Netherlands), Leonardo Lopez (Argentina) and Sergey & Natalia Churkin (Russia).

Sponsors: Cullman (Germany) and Led Lenser (Spain).

Sergey-Churkin-portraitSergey B. Churkin is the  Light Painting World Alliance founder. He was born in Siberia, and now is living in Moscow, Russia. Churkin is a self-educated graphic and motion designer since 1990. He started to paint with light in 2009. In 2011 he launched the Light Painting World Alliance, a non-for-profit organization for promotion of light painting art form.


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